Updates from WordCamp Minneapolis 2019: Day 1

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Hello, all! I’m attending WordCamp in Minneapolis, MN, this week to get up-to-speed on all things WordPress. I’ve managed and created multiple WordPress websites, including creating a custom theme for my NDSU capstone project.

Today at the WordPress 101 & 102 workshops, we covered setting up a WordPress site from scratch. It’s nice to get some instruction on the possibilities of Gutenberg, which I had avoided learning since it came out.

One interesting tool we’ve covered is Local by Flywheel, which is a local development environment alternative to MAMP or WAMP (I’ve used the latter before). It looks very promising and I’m excited to work with it more.

I love learning more tools and resources to increase my knowledge of web design, and I’m excited to be doing it here! More updates to come.

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