dave thomas president and ceo at sje

New Employee Video


My employer, SJE, needed a new employee video for new hires to watch before their first day. We wanted to highlight the benefits of working at an employee-owned company, plus make people feel excited about meeting their new coworkers. I think the end result meets all those goals, plus it’s probably my favorite video that I’ve made for the company yet.


I was involved in all stages of this video, from ideation to script writing to filming to editing. I shot this on our Canon and edited it in Premiere Pro.

Highlights/Favorite Part

It was exciting to write words that our CEO read on camera to represent our company! I was given a lot of responsibility and trust in this project, which felt very empowering.

I also enjoyed coming up with creative ways to feature our employees that framed them as more than just workers, but interesting people who can bring their whole selves to the workplace.

Note: I have had to take this video off our YouTube public channel and website, since we were purchased recently and are no longer employee owned. This video features the “ownership” theme so heavily that there wasn’t a good way to edit it out. However, I still have it available as an unlisted link!

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