tank alarm comparison infographic


I’ve been working on creating some infographics for my employer (SJE Rhombus). They’re a great project because they’re mostly self-directed and I don’t have to find anyone to star in them (like for videos or photos). Here are my favorite that I’ve made so far!

The first is a handy chart so customers can quickly compare our tank alarms and find the best one for their application. We sell a lot of alarms with varying features and didn’t have any easy way of comparing them, so I think this helps a lot.

The second is an educational graphic that helps customers learn the difference between a pump switch and a control switch. I made this graphic to hopefully capture people searching for this on Google, also directing them to our site in the process.

The third graphic is a handy to chart to help customers find the tether length they need for their pump switch cable. We get asked this question a lot, and it seemed to simple for a video. I think it makes a perfect infographic that we can share with customers so they can quickly and easily figure out what they need without burdening our tech support team.

Need an infographic for your business? You can hire me to create one! I’m currently taking small freelance projects. Simply contact me with your request, and I’ll let you know if we’re a good fit.

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