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Horlick Website

Here’s the above-the-fold of the new Horlick website homepage.

I recently redesigned the Horlick website after my company purchased them. My website redesign was the first part of their rebranding that we completed, so I had a lot of free range to work with different elements and create a new look and feel.

Below you can see a comparison of the old website (left) compared to my redesign (right).

The original website was built in WordPress and was using an old custom-coded theme and many outdated plugins. It needed a major overhaul for both security and user experience improvements, plus much of the information had become outdated.

I transferred it to our web host SiteGround (which I also use and recommend for this website) and created a staging environment to build the new site. I stripped out the old plugins and switched the theme over to Hello for Elementor. Then I added my favorite WordPress plugins and started building the new theme with Elementor Pro.

I worked with my team to restructure the page hierarchy and create objectives for what we want customers to accomplish on the site. Horlick uses this website as their main lead gathering source for their motor generator set business, so I needed to make sure the SEO was optimized for possible keywords customers might search. I used some existing keyword research and did some of my own.

A technical product website like this can be tricky because you have to be willing to understand the products, customers, industries, and reasons for purchase. In this case, I learned a lot about electrical frequencies and why they need to be converted. The things I do for web design!

I’m really pleased with how the Horlick website turned out, although I’ve still got plenty of work to do to keep improving the SEO and pagespeed.

This is the fourth website I’ve created for my employer, including: SJE PCB, L.W. Allen, and OEC.

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