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Forever in Our Hearts Website

A friend approached me about building her a new website for her recently purchased Forever in Our Hearts pet cremation business. There was no existing website, even though the previous owner had been running it for several years. Pet cremation is a pretty niche but in-demand service. My friend already created her own branding, but I wasn’t sure how to write the copy for this type of business.

forever in our hearts homepage screencapture
This is the desktop version of the website’s homepage.
forever in our hearts homepage screencapture mobile version
This is the mobile homepage.

Luckily, I’ve been using ChatGPT lately for social posts and emails, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put it to the test. Would it be able to give me a good starting point on page copy? I needed headlines, subheads, and plenty of body copy to reach that 300 minimum SEO benchmark.

To my surprise, ChatGPT delivered! It required some careful input crafting, as well as lots of editing, but it took down the time that it would’ve taken me to write all the copy from scratch. I was able to complete this entire website in only a few hours of work, bringing the cost down for my client.

She has already received many emails and calls from customers whose first point of contact was the website. For what had previously been only a word-of-mouth business, this was a great way to capture customers!

I also wanted to make sure that this website was easy to use on mobile, as I suspected that’s where most people would be looking at it. So far, the users are pretty evenly split between desktop and mobile, as well as search vs. direct. This means that the site is doing a good job of serving all users.

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