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ACCEL Panel Video


My company needed a video to announce our new ACCEL Panel Program product line that was coming out. These products were carving out a new niche in the space, plus they were available for three of our brands. This meant we needed a video with its own branding that would work to use for all the brands, plus have its own unique energy.


I wrote the script and edited the audio, then animated this video in After Effects. I also took the ACCEL panel product photos.

Highlights/Favorite Parts

I had a lot of fun experimenting with ways to make this video stand out from our others without deviating too much from our clean, corporate style. I tried to lean away from using stock or templates in this video, with a few exceptions. The bold typeface with offset outline, revolving plus background, and yellow color scheme really combine to give this video a more unique look than our others. Plus the music I chose is a little gritty and rock compared to the light corporate rock I usually use.

When you work in-house, there aren’t always many opportunities to experiment or try a new look. You’re generally trying to stay on-brand and keep consistent with your other work. Projects like this are a fun way for me to practice and expand my techniques!

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