My Favorite Free Design Resources

my favorite free design resources

Here is a list of my favorite free design resources. I’ve been doing graphic/web design since 2010, and especially as a student I was always on the lookout for freebies and inexpensive resources, tools, and content. As you continue to grow your skills and profits, please consider donating to these or trying some paid options. However, for learning and practicing these are effective.

This list is ever-growing and changing, so be sure to bookmark and come back often!

Webresources Depot: Great selection of Bootstrap themes.

1001 Free Downloads: They have a large selection of designs and templates for when you need something specific or quick.

Behance – Icons of the World: This super cute set of icons has an icon building from each city. So beautiful!

Creative Bloq: They have not only articles on design and tech news, but also frequent lists of awesome free design resources. Here are a couple I have bookmarked: 45 Free Retro Fonts, 20 Free eBooks for Designers and Artists

Creative Booster: There are lots of great freebies here, from mockups to fonts to design components. They also have a great set of templates for Adobe apps and cover letters/resumes.

Creative Fabrica: Another design template site with tons of free fonts, templates, and components.

Design Cuts: This UK based company offers excellent little design component freebie kits, often including tutorials on how to use them. They also have a great selection of affordable design packs. I’ve purchased several, including one with hundreds of backgrounds–including the confetti images I use on this site!

Envato Tuts: Lots of tutorials here, as well as lists of design freebies, like this compilation of free Illustrator brushes.

Font Bundles: This site offers free fonts along with affordable type bundles. They have excellent variety and uniquely styled fonts that would elevate your project.

Font Squirrel: This site is easy to search and has a great database of fonts.

Iconfinder: It’s easy to find a matching icon set for any need on this website. They have many paid options, but the free options are still solid.

InVision – Free Icons: This is an excellent list of free icon resources. Whether you’re looking for lines, flat, or skeumorphic options, you’ll find it here.

Subtle Patterns: Brought to you by the Toptal folks, this site offers just what it says: subtle repeating patterns. These can be surprisingly hard to find, and with the many free options available, you’re sure to find something.

Web Designer Depot: Another awesome web designer resource website. This article on SVG libraries is great.

Web Designer News: This is kinda like the Reddit of design…that’s not Reddit. Tons of helpful links and resources are shared here. I recommend signing up for their email updates so you can get daily or weekly recaps of what’s going on in tech and design.

Negative Space: Good free stock photos can be hard to find. Here’s one option. These are very clean and high res.

Pixabay: My go-to for royalty-free stock lately. It can be hard to find specifically what you’re looking for, but this is pretty decent for free photos.

Hologram: I haven’t tried this one, but VR is pretty hot right now. This could be an excellent way to get your foot in the door.

Mitch Martinez: He has some great 4k resolution stock footage for free here (which is hard to come by).

RocketStock: Done by the folks at Shutterstock, they have a pretty decent selection of After Effects freebies.

Shutterstock – 120 Free Film Assets: This is another great list by Shutterstock with links to lots of useful freebies.

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