Pixel Animated Hiring Ad

pixel animated hiring ad horizontal thumbnail

This pixel animated hiring ad was such an exciting project and one I’m so proud to have had the chance to try! My employer SJE has been looking for a creative way to draw new applicants to apply for some of our factory floor positions. We’ve tried the typical campaigns and even worked with an […]

Forever in Our Hearts Website

forever in our hearts website above the fold

A friend approached me about building her a new website for her recently purchased Forever in Our Hearts pet cremation business. There was no existing website, even though the previous owner had been running it for several years. Pet cremation is a pretty niche but in-demand service. My friend already created her own branding, but […]

Horlick Website

horlick website

I recently redesigned the Horlick website after my company purchased them. My website redesign was the first part of their rebranding that we completed, so I had a lot of free range to work with different elements and create a new look and feel. Below you can see a comparison of the old website (left) […]

ACCEL Panel Video

how does it work?

Background My company needed a video to announce our new ACCEL Panel Program product line that was coming out. These products were carving out a new niche in the space, plus they were available for three of our brands. This meant we needed a video with its own branding that would work to use for […]

Facility Tour Videos

tour our headquarters

Background I created these facility tour videos to help our employees and customers learn about some of our growing list of facilities. As SJE continues to grow and acquire businesses, we have lots of facilities across the US and China with different specialties and capabilities. We were also limited on travel and guests during the […]

New Employee Video

dave thomas president and ceo at sje

Background My employer, SJE, needed a new employee video for new hires to watch before their first day. We wanted to highlight the benefits of working at an employee-owned company, plus make people feel excited about meeting their new coworkers. I think the end result meets all those goals, plus it’s probably my favorite video […]

Propel DL Website

propel dl

I designed and manage the website for Polar Fest, Detroit Lakes’ winter festival (in addition to helping with their social media). The organization that does Polar Fest wanted a website for their org, called Propel DL. I built them a new website on their existing Squarespace account. These are the only websites I’ve ever built/managed […]

OEC Website Redesign

oec website design

My latest website redesign is from another company my employer recently acquired, Ohio Electric Control (OEC). Their previous site lacked substantial information and was built by an agency on their proprietary CMS, so it wasn’t easy to update. Since we need pretty frequent updates and have in-house capacity to maintain our own websites, we decided […]


tank alarm comparison infographic

I’ve been working on creating some infographics for my employer (SJE Rhombus). They’re a great project because they’re mostly self-directed and I don’t have to find anyone to star in them (like for videos or photos). Here are my favorite that I’ve made so far! The first is a handy chart so customers can quickly […]

L. W. Allen Website Redesign

l w allen website

I’m excited to finally be able to share my latest web design project! My employer SJE acquired L. W. Allen in the summer of 2021, and I was tasked with updating their website. The old website was broken, outdated, and full of security holes. It was majorly in need of a rehaul, on the front […]