Linda Norland

Designer & Developer

Hi, I'm Linda.

I'm a curious, innovative designer and developer striving to make the web beautiful and usable.

I graduated from NDSU in 2016 with a degree in New Media & Web Design, and a minor in Journalism. I have experience with graphic design, motion graphics, website development, WordPress sites and templates, photography, email marketing and e-commerce. My goal is to create sites that are not only beautifully crafted, but also offer the best user experience possible.

When I'm not working, you might find me out on my paddleboard or snuggling with my pet rabbit, Nutmeg.

Other fun facts about me: I studied abroad in England and China, I'm an INFP, I took French for 6 years, I play the violin and I love to do yoga.

Linda Norland

Linda Norland

Designer & Developer

My Skills


HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PHP Git Java/JSP


Ps Ai Dw Id An Ae Pr


UI/UX designEmail marketingSEOWriting (AP Style)Photography + EditingMotion Graphics/AnimationWordPressSocial MediaFrencheCommerceRetailPrint DesignEditorial Design


Web Designer II

Jul 2016 - Present
Swanson Health Products

I currently work at Swanson Health Products as a web designer. A typical week includes designing eye-catching branded graphics for email and web, mocking up landing pages, creating and editing web pages using Git and creating email templates in HTML. I pushed for innovation by creating GIF advertisements and building a quiz for our new probiotic launch.

Swanson Website

Senior Capstone Website

Jan 16 - May 16
Fargo Riverkeepers

I created this website for a local nonprofit as my senior capstone project at NDSU. It's a WordPress site with a custom template that I created to fit the client's needs. The new site was designed to be easier for both the client and their customers to use. By using a CMS, the client was able to create posts, forms and easily edit pages without needing to know code.

See It Live

Web + Managing Editor

May 2015 - May 2016
The NDSU Spectrum

I managed the NDSU school newspaper's website and assisted the editor-in-chief with management duties. I demonstrated a thorough understanding of WordPress, improved site analytics by using SEO techniques and helped train and manage a staff of 15 students. Our website won regional and national awards from the Associated Collegiate Press, and my redesign at the end of the year placed even higher at the next year's nationals.

See The Site

Design Student Coordinator

Jul 2015 - May 2016
NDSU Design & Sign

I worked as the design team manager at the NDSU Design & Sign, creating high-quality digital/print graphics for clients. I also exhibited responsibility and dependability by managing/training a staff of 12. Required thorough knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite as well as large-format printing best practices.

North Dakota State University

2012 - 2016
Major: New Media & Web Design

I graduated with a major in New Media & Web Design, and with minors in Journalism and Strategic Communications. Final GPA was 3.9.


River Keepers of Fargo-Moorhead

River Keepers of Fargo-Moorhead

I built this website for River Keepers, a non-profit based in Fargo, ND. It was for my senior capstone at North Dakota State University. I enjoyed working with my client to create a functional, modern website that would be easier for the small team to update and for users to navigate. Built in WordPress with PHP and a custom CSS template.


River Keepers of Fargo-Moorhead

The Spectrum

I managed this website for the school newspaper my senior year of college. It was an invaluable experience in WordPress and site management. I was responsible for setting up and scheduling posts, creating original content and maintaining upkeep. While I no longer manage it, the theme that I picked is still the same. The original site won regional and national awards at the Associated Collegiate Press conferences in 2016, and again in 2017.


Green Cleaning Second slide Third slide Third slide Third slide Third slide

Swanson Blog

At Swanson Health Products, I design webpage, emails and ads. However, I occasionally get to design blog article images, which allows me some creative flexibility. Here are some of my favorite blog designs.

Photoshop Illustrator

Motion Graphics Video

I created this animation in After Effects from watching a video by Tiptut.

After Effects

Want More? Check out my Behance account!


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